Decorative Holiday themed items
Santa Approved!

Fred & Diana Martin with Santa Claus

Mooey Christmas is Santa Approved!

Welcome to Mooey Christmas!

Diana and Fred Martin offer Christmas shopping every day of the year at Mooey Christmas in Jerome Arizona. They appreciate you taking a few moments to look through the amazing Christmas related items available in our store and online. If you find yourself walking the streets of Jerome Arizona, make sure you drop in and say Hello!
  • Plush Fabric Santa Hat
    Plush Fabric Snowman and Santa Hat...
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  • Hollywood Shopping Nutcracker with a Shopping Bag
    12" Shopping Nutcracker with a Shopping bag to wish you a Merry Christmas...
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  • Shiney Blue Star of David Cloisonne Menorah
    Star of David Cloisonne Menorah...
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  • 8 Pc 8" Nativity
    This 8 Pc Nativity is in Soft Pewter color and pastels....
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  • Glass Clear Icicles (Set of 12)
    6.5" Clear Glass Icicles - Set of 12...
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  • Fireman Santa on a Candy Cane
    This 6" Resin Santa Fireman is Riding a Candy Cane...
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  • Angry Bird King Pig Ball
    Angry Bird Big Face Bird and King Pig 60mm Ornament...
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  • Snowpinion "Put a Ring on It" Ornament
    This Cute Snowpinion Says "Put a Ring on It"...
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  • 12.5 Resin Burlap Angel with Arms Extended
    Beautiful Resin Burlap Angel with Extended Arms....
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  • Santa Over the Town Music Box
    9.75" TV Music Box Plays 8 Songs...
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  • 5.25" Snowpinion Skiing on Candy Canes
    This Snowpinion Figurine is Skiing on Candy Canes...
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  • Beatles Yellow Submarine Sergeant Pepper Band "Love" Ornament
    The Beatles Love Ornament from Sergeant Pepper...
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