Decorative Holiday themed items
Santa Approved!

Fred & Diana Martin with Santa Claus

Mooey Christmas is Santa Approved!

Welcome to Mooey Christmas!

Diana and Fred Martin offer Christmas shopping every day of the year at Mooey Christmas in Jerome Arizona. They appreciate you taking a few moments to look through the amazing Christmas related items available in our store and online. If you find yourself walking the streets of Jerome Arizona, make sure you drop in and say Hello!
  • Hollywood Shopping Nutcracker with a Shopping Bag
    12" Shopping Nutcracker with a Shopping bag to wish you a Merry Christmas...
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  • Yellow Hot Pepper Scorpion
    Home Grown Scorpion made of a Yellow Pepper...
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  • Mini Nutcracker
    Mini Resin Nutcracker by Patience Brewster...
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  • Buon Cibo, Buon Vino, Buoni Amici Antique Wine Opener Ornament
    Antique Wine Opener Ornament...
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  • 5' Artifical Cactus Christmas Tree
    5' Cactus Christmas Tree with 300 White Mini Lights...
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  • Santa Camping Van
    Santa the Camper in his Christmas Camper Van...
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  • Brown Sizal Owl
    9" Natural Sizal Owl...
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  • Wooden Nutcracker with a Baton Ornament
    These 5" Nutcracker Ornaments have 3 styles. One with a Baton, Sword and Axe...
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  • Mini Roberta Rhino
    3" Stone Resin Rhino...
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  • Long Clear Ornament with Gold and Blue Highlights
    Column Style Glass Ornament with Blue and Gold highlights...
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  • Roly Poly Santa in a Red Suit
    Cute Santa by Jacqueline Kent...
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  • Motorcycle with Gifts Ornament
    4.5" Resin Motorcycle with gifts....
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